Italian Greyhound Puppies – Smallest Of The Sighthounds, But Quick As Greased Lightening

Italian Greyhounds belong to a family of dogs called the sighthounds, of which they tend to be on the smaller side of the breed; they may look like miniature Greyhounds to some. Because they were not originally bred for obedience, Italian Greyhound puppies can quite be a handful-just so everybody knows what they are getting.

This type of Greyhound is sometimes referred to as an I.G. or an Iggy for short, good to know so that you’ll know what breeders or more experienced dog folks are talking about when they use these terms.

These dogs have a very high predator instinct, and were originally bred as hunters. Their speed and incredible eye sight give them a big advantage as hunting dogs. So, be prepared for these instincts, they will give chase to small animals when given the opportunity, keeping them on a leash is pretty much a must if you’re outside and in the open because they will take off. More dogs are killed by cars because of thoughtless dog owners, don’t be one of these — take precautions.

Hopefully you’ll have a large fenced in area for your Italian Greyhound because these dogs were born to run. Keeping one of these dogs inside the house a lot and not letting them stretch their legs is kind of cruel, so there are definitely not the best apartment dogs in the world.

They are however very friendly dogs and are great companions, so, they can be perfect family dogs. As was mentioned earlier, they were not naturally bred to obedient, however they can be trained like all dogs, just expect some rambunctiousness from these dogs, it’s just in their nature.

Take a self assessment and determine if a quick, playful dog is right for you. Again, some people will love a dog like this and others will not, there is a dog breed for every type of person.

If you’re looking at Italian Greyhound puppies online, look for licensed breeders who are close to home. If you don’t find any off the bat, go and check out some niche Greyhound forums or blogs. Network with dog owners in your neighborhood and ask for advice in locating a good licensed breeder of this breed.

Only licensed breeders can give you peace of mind that there is not something shady going on in the background. You may pay a little bit more, but you’re not contributing to the abuse of animals and that alone is worth a few bucks.

Good sources of information about these Greyhounds abound online, however when getting right down to it and finding a new litter of Italian Greyhound puppies it really pays to network with folks who are in the know, that way you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. These speedy, hyper dogs are great pets for the right type of person, maybe they are right for you.